Confession #15 – This Trump Shit is Serious

As you can see I added a sub-headline to my blog post.  That means I’m serious about something.  Like most other sane people I get it when they tell me if Trump becomes president, they’re moving to Canada. But this isn’t about how racist, sexist or xenophobic he is or how, in my expert opinion, he has narcissistic personality disorder.  This is way more personal.

Now that my daughter is 9 years old, I though it would be great to give her a civics lesson with a real-time presidential election brewing. A year ago when the presidential hopefuls started coming forward, I encouraged her to watch the news to see some of the discourse and learn about primaries and campaigning.

Trump has risen to the top because of supporters who are sick of the establishment. Unfortunately, they also revel in name calling and fear mongering and get off on fist fights and screaming matches.  I read an article that says Trump supporters are authoritarians – people that like to follow leaders like Hitler.  I believe that to be true, but I also believe they are into violence.  There were many scuffles and several bloodied protestors at Trump rallies – this shit is exciting.  They’re bored.  Going to a rally to get into or see a brawl is something else to do besides meth.

Trump or meth

With the t.v. on news programs and the NPR I listen to on the radio in the car, my daughter has gotten an earful of  insults, name calling and discussions about issues not exactly presidential such as Trump bragging about his HUGE hands.  “Mommy, why does it matter if he has huge hands?”  Well, my dear, dick measuring was not an issue I was expecting to hear in a political debate.

Trump isn’t the only perpetrator of vicious attacks on issues that really don’t matter, such as how their wives look, but he is an instigator in 99.9% of them (I’ve done high level statistical calculations on this).  So it’s really hard to tell my daughter these are the people we should look up to – these are our prospective leaders based on their integrity, respect for others and concern for the citizens of this country.  OK, maybe some of you are snickering now since most politicians have proven the opposite of those traits but my daughter is 9 and I’m trying to show her how things are SUPPOSED to be.

I’m embarrassed by these fake adults behaving like kids on the playground.  I’ll have to tell her it’s like when one of the boys at school calls her Jackie McFartsAlot.  Our political candidates have sunk to new lows.

On the other hand, if I emphasize it enough, it is a good lesson on how NOT to conduct yourself during an election as a candidate.  Plus, I was able to contrast the Republican debates with the Democratic ones so she could see respectful dialogues are possible.  In the first few debates, Democrats were able to keep their discussions civil and focused on important issues such as the economy, race relations and job creation.  At least I can point out to her the Democrats stuck to the issues that matter while the Republicans acted like a bunch of boxers talking smack.

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