Soapbox Shout #1

I’m stepping up on my soapbox today.  It’s not a big one because it’s not like this is on the Huffington Post website but it’ll still make me feel better.

Ok, here goes.  Single moms are targets of hate and shame every day.  Myopic politicians and ignorant masses criticize them for everything from giving birth in the first place to the crime rate in this country.  Republican representatives John Cavaletto and Keith Wheeler of Illinois proposed a bill stating that if a father is not listed on a newborn child’s birth certificate, the birth certificate will not be issued for the child and any future financial assistance will be denied.  The bill was withdrawn after public outcry, but the fact it even came up is indicative of a huge problem in our country and needs to be addressed.

I’m sure we can all agree that it is fucked up on many levels.  I’m saying all because if you don’t agree, please stop reading my blog – you won’t like what I have to say.  These are the same people who against abortion.  That whole paradox of we don’t want you to have birth control and/or abortion but once the baby is born, you both can go to hell comes up of course.  Just erase the child if you’re not “pure.” There are cases of rape and incest (which is not slut shaming, just single mom shaming).  Then there are cases of prostitutes and one night stands.  That is where they try to use the shame women agenda.  God forbid women enjoy sex or need to make a living (I am for legalized prostitution like in Amsterdam).

As a single mother by choice, I am going to take this a bit further.  The idea that a single woman can make a positive choice to have a child on her own and financially support him or her and provide a good life is not even considered by these backwards numbnuts.  Should the woman have put sperm vial #33 on the birth certificate if this offensive bill did pass?  Or maybe write in John Cavaletto or Keith Wheeler as the daddy?

Here’s a story for you. I know another single mom by choice who is a successful business woman.  She gave birth right here in Colorado and they sent a social worker into her room to see if she needed to go on TANF or needed social services for support.  Right away! Just assumed she would be unable to take care of her new child.   I find that pretty obnoxious.

As I mentioned, thankfully the bill was dead in the water.  On the other hand,  a bill that would deny citizenship to children born to single moms is pretty disparaging. Honestly, it goes to show in this country for women it really is one step forward two steps back.  I hope these types of politicians  take a large step forward  – off the edge of a very steep cliff.10398719_5578024171_411_n

My daughter and I – I have managed to keep her alive for more than nine years now.  Look – I even feed her!

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