Confession #9

I loooooove discounts! Some say it’s because I’m Jewish.  I even had a former boyfriend ask me if it’s genetic because of my Jewish roots. (He was being serious and also thought the Amish were Jewish).  While I laughed at the time he asked me, I have to admit it is probably my mother’s influence.  She started a business in 1975 selling other people’s used goods when they were planning to move – she became the garage sale queen of Bergen County, New Jersey.  I not only got my older sister’s hand me downs but also those of strangers.

I don’t really believe the hype that it’s a Jewish thing.  I think goyim (Christians) like discounts too.  It’s not like they would go into a store and offer to pay full price for something that is on sale.  We just got a rep for it from a rumor Hitler started.

I do get a bit of high though when I feel like I came away with something I like for a bargain (pronounced bah-gahn). Maybe I get carried away with that feeling more than some other people.  A couple of my friends recently went to the Arc and were asked if they wanted the senior discount.  They are not yet seniors and were extremely insulted.  I was with one of them when it happened and I thought he was going to shove his used sweater down the cashier’s throat.  My girlfriend told me about it and she had a hissy fit.

I would be elated if offered the senior discount at the thrift store.  Obviously, not because I am happy to look old.  But that is a friggin’ BARGAIN ON TOP OF A BARGAIN!!! Overlook the aging process and think about the additional savings, for Jesus’s sake.  Their experiences sparked me to try for my own senior discount.  The cashier didn’t buy it though – so I whipped out my military I.D. and got the military discount. Heck yea, I married a vet.  When they say thank you for your service, I say you’re welcome.  Because I service my husband.


I look really hot in the dress, I know – guess what – it’s second hand!


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