Confession #8

About 13 or 14 years ago, before #online dating became something you could admit to doing, I went on (because it was free at the time) and met a bunch of shmucks (some I slept with), ugly guys (who hid half their face in their profile pic) and nice but boring guys that wasted my time.  Over the course of a few months and after telling myself I was having a good time getting free dinners, I would begin to feel hopeless and take my profile down (I was probably on two or three or maybe four or five sites throughout the years).  I needed a break.  Then I would get bored/horny/hopeful and activate my account(s) again and go through another cycle of one or two night stands, the occasional 4-6 week relationship and of course free dinners.

I realized online dating is one of the most masochistic things we do.  Yes, a lot of people do find significant others online, but a high percentage just email people they know they’ll never actually meet.  It almost sounds like an addiction – it feels good for while, then it feels like a compulsion while you complain about it to your girlfriends and then you need to take a break from cheap guys and fat chicks.

One of the odder moments of online dating is when a guy friend would find me on a site and email me through the site.  Can’t he just text me? Every guy friend would ask the same question too- so, how’s the dating going?  The answer was – it sucks.  And if you were attractive, I’d be dating you.14837259957_f23eb9b8b3_z





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