Confession #5

The Fubra Infomercial

When you reach your 40’s, one of the few pleasures in life is eating. Which is ironic since it’s harder to lose weight after 40. Metabolism is wasted on the young.

In my 20’s I cold eat as much as I wanted and not gain a pound.  But I was not interested in eating so much and I was exercising like a fiend – I was kind of a born again jock back then.

What sucks is I still care about how I look so I’m too vain to do what I really want to do – eat as much fat and sugar as I want and not exercise.  So I would have to say that there is something I look forward to when I reach, oh probably age 60 – eating as much as and whatever I want.  True, it will clog my arteries and cause other health problems but at least I won’t avoid looking in the mirror. In fact, I may just remove all the mirrors in my house.




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