Confession #2

My husband glides his hands down my back gently as we lay facing each other in bed.  We hardly ever now get time to really take our time in bed because we’re so busy with full time jobs, filming, taking photos or editing. Or cleaning the house, doing errands, getting Jackie to brush her teeth, you get the idea.  Anyway, so we are under the covers finally, kissing and holding each other and his hand makes its way to my not as firm as when I was in my 20’s buttocks.  I used to have a really nice ass.  Anyway, he cups my left cheek and my excitement is growing.  He is caressing me softly and skating his fingers up and down and then….holy shit… he’s picking at a pimple on my ass.  
Here’s the deal…whenever we are in bed or on the couch or wherever and he’s massaging me or stroking some area of my body and he finds a zit, he’s compelled to start picking at it.  I’m thrown out of nirvana with one scratch of his fingernail.  I wish he could overlook my butt pimples at least during foreplay.  I suppose if he needs to pick at them we could set aside some non sex time for that.  In general though, I would rather he ignore them completely.
It’s not just the bumps on my butt though, he goes after.  If we’re (usually he) is too tired to have sex, he’ll lightly scratch my back in bed sometimes.  Anything that is not at smooth skin level becomes fair game for his picking habit.  That includes skin tags which are popping up more and more as I get older.  That shit hurts.  I have to remind him they are attached to me.DSC00156

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